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The mChek 2-Factor Authentication service via mobile phone brings the enhanced security of 2nd Factor Authentication ("what you have") to businesses at a measurably reduced Total Cost of Ownership, thus ensuring safe and secure access to sensitive and confidential information. It leverages users’ personal mobile devices for generating one-time Passcode for authentication thereby providing

  • Enhanced security and strong authentication resulting in reduced frauds due to identity thefts.
  • Easy adoption by end-users due to familiar (mobile) user-interface.
  • Measurably reduced deployment and operational costs since we use the user’s mobile as the token and provide authentication as a hosted service.
  • Rapid deployment with live applications due to documented and easy-to-integrate web-services.
  • Highly secure software implementation supported on all mobile phones – on SIM cards made available by some providers and Java-enabled mobile phones where support from Telco is not available.
  • Anytime, anywhere secure access to information needs.

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