mChek/PassCode: Frequently Asked Questions
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I. Understanding mChek/PassCode

What is mChek/PassCode?
What is the mChek/PassCode mobile application?
What are the benefits of mChek/PassCode?
We already have complex password security rules for all our mission critical applications, do we still need mChek/PassCode?
Where can we use mChek/PassCode?
Can we use mChek/PassCode with hosted applications?
How do I get mChek/PassCode?

II. Using mChek/PassCode

Can I use mChek/PassCode while I am roaming outside my cellular network?
Do I require GPRS or EDGE service to use mChek/PassCode?
What is the mChekPIN?
Can I set my own mChekPIN?
Can I change my mChekPIN?
What happens if I enter the wrong PIN?
What if I forget my mChekPIN?

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